By Hunter Gregoire


A bright light to start my flight,

Up I go,

What comes next I donít know,

A peaceful place,

No more hurt,

No more pain,

No more evil,

No more shame,

Iím greeted by a man,

Powerful yet kind,

He comforts me,

I enter the gate,

And realize there is no more hate,

Dancing in the clouds,

Next to me are people I havenít seen in a while,

Everyoneís wearing a smile,

I look down,

Seeing my loved ones frown,

I bring out the sun,

Whisper through the wind,

To give them a sign that I am not to far behind,

Iím not gone, just simply in another world,

But happiness fills me now,

I miss you all,

But I will see you soon,

I am the sun, I am the moon,

Even though we seem to be apart,

Look around, Iím here, Iím everywhere,

Especially in your heart.

The Bryce Buchholz fund at First Niagara bank has been created to accept donations in the name of Bryce who was killed by a drunk driver May 3rd, 2012.



In Loving Memory of Bryce Buchholz


Bryce Buchholz Memorial Park